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Shattered Spaces – New Blurb

The old blurb didn't really do it for me. So here's a new one: "It’s not about simply surviving. It’s about burning the corpses of your enemies and dancing on the ashes while wearing a pink tutu and cackling hysterically.... Continue Reading →

“Emergence”, by David Palmer

Darn Good Book, Mind-bender, Excitement Factor 10!!

Shattered Spaces

Coming soon! Humans co-exist in a world filled with fantastic creatures – some with great power, some without. Jane has hidden in the shadows since she was a child, hunting the human-shaped monsters who destroyed her family so long ago,... Continue Reading →


It wasn’t right. Too dry, not enough life. Too alone. This wasn’t right. Not like home. No little places, no secrets, no perfect moments waiting to sneak up on her. Not right. Her fingers clenched, almost feeling the stroke of... Continue Reading →

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