Title: Emergence

Author: David R. Palmer

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Sci Fi

2-Part Rating:  Darn Good Book / Mind-bender, Excitement Factor 10!!

When did I first read it approximately: Preteen

When did I last read it approximately: Mid 30’s

MC is: Kickass genius preteen

What Kept Me Reading?:

(Spoiler Alert) The MC is brilliant, brave, interesting, and for a ‘survived the end of the world’ novel, really, incredibly upbeat. Of course, she saves the world, so I guess she should be upbeat. Yay her!

One Paragraph Summary:

She has a fabulous life and a really, really awesome but paranoid dad. Turns out he’s not wrong. And… everybody dies. Mostly. But hey! She can still have an awesome childhood – all it takes is a little ingenuity and a few friends. And they have to save the world too. Could that kill her? Yes! But let’s not get mopey about it.

And… If you’re now desperate to buy this awesome book…

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To be realistic though, you’ll probably have more luck finding this book in a used book-store. It’s completely out of print by now unless some brainy publisher puts it back into print. I cling to my own copy (which actually has a much better cover than the one above) with desperate enthusiasm, knowing I might never track down another copy.