The old blurb didn’t really do it for me. So here’s a new one:

“It’s not about simply surviving. It’s about burning the corpses of your enemies and dancing on the ashes while wearing a pink tutu and cackling hysterically. Ok, maybe not the pink tutu.

Humans co-exist in a world filled with fantastic creatures – some with great power, some without. Jane has hidden in the shadows since she was a child, hunting the human-seeming monsters who destroyed her family so long ago, living among those same monsters and struggling to survive among their politics and their games. Beating them at their own games.

But an insurgency is rising between the younger, less powerful monsters, and the old guard that has run things for time immemorial. The fallout from that war will impact everyone. Not just monsters. Soon the fight will spill from the darkness beneath the surface of their world and into the streets.

Jane is determined to beat them at their own game – both to protect the humans, and to settle her own score, even as she is drawn deeper into their politics, out of the shadows that have protected her for so long. New friends and old allies will come together by her side, humans and monsters alike, to find the truth and to fight alongside her in the first skirmish of the oncoming war.

She will have no choice but to become a bridge between the humans and monsters who have unexpectedly wriggled their way into her heart. In the end, she must make an impossible choice between the monster she loves, the human who takes her breath away, and the battle not just to survive but to build a new world for them all. But even their uneasy alliance may not be enough to heal the shattered earth and save everyone endangered by the rebellion.”