There are so many really awesome books that shaped me as I grew into adulthood and beyond, that I just haven’t appreciated enough lately. I’m not talking about kids books – I’m talking about powerful stories that really stuck with me in a powerful way. Books that I thought about after I put them down, that I dwelled on, and that I imagined about. That I loved. There have been so very many.

Not all of these books are children appropriate, and not all of them are intended for grownups. Though they should be, I mean really, who judges this stuff. Most of them are fantasies – some fantastic adventures – some with an edge of violence – some even a bit sexy.

I’m starting this page as an appreciation to all those stories. I’ll post them periodically here, as I go through my collection, and as I re-discover them. If possible, I’ll link to them, but a number are out of print, or not in e-book format, so I welcome any comments on where to find them if I can’t.

Thank you for reading! And, as Myra Cohn Livingston, the great children’s poet said: “Give me Books, Give me Wings”!

I say – “Yay for the backlist”!


2-Part Rating System:


A good book is one that sticks with you in an good way – be that way pensive or happy or interesting or odd – for a good long enjoyable while.

An awesome book is one that lures you to you return to that feeling over and over and over again, year after year.

And while an awesome book is, well, awesome, there’s nothing wrong at all with simply a darn good book.

Why are all your reviews good reviews?

I don’t believe in bad reviews. Stories are subjective. Something I enjoy might not be something someone else enjoys, and vice versa. Also, there are quite a number of poorly edited books out there – both pre and post the self publishing revolution. Don’t think publishers never put out crappy stuff. They did. Oh-boy did they. But why would I review that stuff? And why give an author a hard time over something that was only a very tiny part of their process? Something they relied on their editor, their proofreader, and their beta readers to tell them about. Maybe they didn’t have any of that. And remember, even the most eventually brilliant stories start out pretty darn rough. So I rate the stories I like. That’s it.

Why don’t I review more recent books?

I do. I will. Promise. I’ve just been reading the older books for a lot longer. Got to get them out of my system. Also. I’ve pared them down already. If I still love a book ten years or twenty years later, then it must be pretty decent.

Why do I use words like ‘crappy’, and ‘darn’, and ‘kick-ass’?

They are emotional words. They convey emphatic meaning. And I like them. Give me a break.


Rating System Specifics:

  1. Exquisite Gem – What just happened? Was that amazing or what?
  2. Weird Little GemLoved it, totally amazing, but not sure why.
  3. Darn good bookJust a great time. I’d definitely do that again.
  4. Wow. What just happened? Imperfect but still quite lovely.
  5. Nope.   – Nope. Not this time. It might still have it’s merits, but I only review the mind blowing stuff that I luv. I would say sorry but… nope.


Why?:   (Select as many as needed.)

  1. Mind-bender Makes you think, makes you scratch your head, makes you go “Ah ha!”
  2. Heart PounderOh no! Oh no! Oh no!
  3. Excitement Factor 10!!As good as getting a workout in.
  4. Fun hijinks.It’s all in the name.
  5. The Sweet factorLovely, sweet, but not in a bad way. Perfection.
  6. Tearjerker Weepy world. Think ‘Beaches’.
  7. Cheezy DeliteDon’t you just love your cheese fest!


Series Rating:

(Only for books that are in series- and this is a rating to-date, assuming the occasional book-dud might occur.)

  1. Exquisite – Keeps you reading.. And reading.. And reading.. Yes!
  2. Darn Good Series – Keeps me engaged. Totally worth the time.
  3. Falters Further In – Starts fabulous, doesn’t maintain, but definitely worth reading the first few books. Don’t think this is a bad rating. Maintaining a 20 book series is really, really hard!


**ADULT THEMES**  Teens and up

This means there might be some sex, some adult situations, some language. Most books on this will have an age factor.



This is a book with sex. Definitely ‘PG-13’ or maybe even slightly ‘R’. No-one who might be disturbed by sex. Don’t get weird about it.



This is a book with LOTS of sex. If you’re a kid, do not read this. Seriously. Don’t be gross.